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What is TapCasts?

A TapCast is a way of gathering public opinion. TapCasts are like polls, referendums, or elections, except it's all crowdsourced; no single person or entity controls it. A TapCast is a free, but very powerful tool for social empowerment. It allows people to gather public opinion and leverage the power of the majority to help improve matters in any space, such as your school, neighborhood, city or state.

TapCasts lets you discover what the majority thinks
so you can change what matters to you


Debate and share in our virtual townhall

Voters can ask or respond to questions, before voting. Our town hall provides an engaging place to gather, learn from others, and share their own findings.


One subject, one poll

Our AI tech knows when polls are similar and merges them.
Because if you had two elections for president how would
you know who won?.

learn about our language technology >

One phone, one tap, one vote

On AyeTap, you must have a valid cell number to vote or chat.
So there are no bots or trolls.


Each voter picks the next

Everyone is directly connected to someone
and indirectly connected to everyone

AyeTap Storyboard

The Name AyeTap

Why Current Petitions Fail

Voting by Tapping

Create Your Constituency

1+1= Zero

Why Cellphones?

Vote Outside the Ballot

Voters have Equal Influence


Voting on AyeCasts


Creating an TapCasts

Voting on a TapCast

To make DEMOCRACY work

While voting is free, elections are very expensive and so often skipped or postponed. Decisions made with transparency and majority consensus are always more likely to succeed for everyone. We aim to provide anyone with the tools to gather the collective pulse of their community on demand. AyeTap will let anyone hold a public (or private) election, thus making the democratic process accessible to everyone.

Join us and help redefine democracy