Now You Have Power To Change The World!

Voting on Ayetap

To vote, you need to get tapped (invited) to vote, then you pick a option (or create your own) and finish by tapping someone else. Each voter is handpicked and real.  All you need is a cellphone so we can text you a link. Your cellphone is your voter ID. There are no passwords to remember and it just takes a minute to make a difference in your space.

Creating Your own Poll

Why It Works

Online polls and petitions can't be verified and similar polls run in parallel, multiple voting makes it impossible to know what the majority thinks.  And petitions only tell you how many agree, which is just half the story.

On AyeTap, we've developed a language processing algorithm that won't allow duplicates polls or trolls or skewed numbers.  Everything is transparent and every voter is real as it should be in a true democracy.  When you know what the majority want... then you know.