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What is an AyeCast?

AyeCasts are a way to gather the collective opinion of a community. They can also be called:

Private elections for a group Referendums within a community Polls or Surveys for members

When you can set up an AyeCast, you create a secure, transparent referendum that lets members vote and debate from their cell phones.  Opinions and ideas will flow and your group can come to aconsensus about anything within days.

AyeCasts allow a group or a community to discuss, vote and decide on issues that matter to them. 
It's a collaborative decision-making tool.


Create a referendum or vote in minutes

to start an AyeCast, just type your question, upload a list of your organization's members and pick when voting ends. We take over and do the rest.


Members have all the power

Any voter can add to the ballot, so you get diverse opinions and everyone's voice is heard


One member, one phone one vote

Every voter is verified by their cell phone number and can only vote once. Every vote is audited and transparent to all


Debate and share in our virtual townhall

Members can ask or respond to questions, before voting. Our town hall provides an engaging place to gather, learn from others, and share their own findings


Know what your community wants

Say goodbye to surveys or guesswork with our on-demand, inexpensive solution to get the collective opinion of your community.

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AyeCasts (Private Elections) Explained

Why Current Petitions Fail

Why Cellphones?

Vote Outside the Ballot


Creating an AyeCast


Voting on an AyeCast

Our vision for AyeCasts

To make DEMOCRACY work

While voting is free, elections are very expensive and so often skipped or postponed. Decisions made with transparency and majority consensus are always more likely to succeed for everyone. We aim to provide any organization with the tools to gather the collective pulse of its stakeholders on demand. AyeTap will let anyone hold a private (or public) election, thus making the democratic process accessible to everyone.

Join us and help redefine DEMOCRACY


by getting ALL opinions