Now You Have Power To Change The World!

What is AyeTap

AyeTap is a crowdsourced voting platform that will
make democracy cheaper, more effective and viral.

It will help you improve your school, office,
neighborhood or pub because politicians can't change
what matters to you in your space.

AyeTap lets you discover what the majority thinks
so you can change what matters to you


Voters have all the power

Any voter can change what's on the ballot, and each voter
decides who votes next.


One subject, one poll

Our AI tech knows when polls are similar and merges them.
Because if you had two elections for president how would
you know who won?.

learn about our language technology >

One phone, one tap, one vote

On AyeTap, you must have a valid cell number to vote or chat.
So there are no bots or trolls.


Each voter picks the next

Everyone is directly connected to someone
and indirectly connected to everyone

AyeTap Storyboard

The Name AyeTap

Why Current Petitions Fail

Voting by Tapping

Create Your Constituency

1+1= Zero

Why Cellphones?

Vote Outside the Ballot

Voters have Equal Influence


Voting on Ayetap

Our Mission

To make democracy work, we must start with the little thing.

If you change things in your school, band, and sports
team, then everything else will start to change.
Unfortunately, politicians or lobbyists can't help you
there. We don't need one Senate but a million pop- up

Join us and help redefine democracy