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Instruction for Creating the AyeCast Email address is

Start a TapCast or an Ayecast

Decide what type of poll or survey or election helps you harness the power of democracy.


Polls to gather public opinion


Private elections for organizations

Start a TapCast
Start an AyeCast

Public Polls are open to all who live within a constituency (area).

Private voting limited to a group.

Designed to find out what people in your community, city or state think, about anything.

Designed for companies, associations, unions, student bodies, HOAs, etc.

Spreads as each voter picks the next. No one person decides or controls who votes or how it spreads.

One person uploads a list of everyone eligible to vote.

Free for All

TapCasts are free. But there can only be one poll per topic. Similar TapCasts are merged into one.

Starting at $35

An AyeCast is a private election or poll. You pay to start one, but all voting is free.

Open to All

Define your area and anyone living in that area can get tapped to vote.

Limited to few

You upload a list of people and only they can vote on your AyeCast.

One Topic, One TapCast

Only one TapCast per topic. Think about it, if you had multiple elections for mayor, how do you know who won?

One Group, One AyeCast

Only eligible voters can view or comment. It’s designed for groups to decide on issues personal to them

Common to all Polls

Cellphone based

Everyone must authenticate themselves through a phone.

Vote outside the ballot

No voter is limited to only what’s on the ballot

One subject, one poll

So the majority opinion is clear, just like in a real election

One person, one vote

And no bots, trolls, or AI programs

Virtual townhall

So all sides can debate and lobby for their cause

Complete Transparency

Everyone’s vote and the results are viewable, to eliminate fraud